One of the most important questions anyone affected by a potentially terminal disease seeks the answer for, is prognosis. While research and clinical trial is of major importance in the search for the right answers, there is no doubt about the fact that every patient and every case carries specificities that influence the outcome. Cytogenetics (the study of normal and abnormal cells, chromosomes), age, and performance status of the disease have long determined prognosis and therapy. Always consult with your specialist about the available options for treatment and therapy, as well as about your inclination to change the outlined treatment plan.

AML Patients – Prognosis

Survival rates for AML patients are often calculated in relative survival rates. To estimate the effects of acute blood cancer, the relative survival rate measures the AML patients’ survival rate compared to that of the general population. The overall 5-year relative acute myeloid leukemia (AML) survival rate for 1995-2001 was 19.8 percent. This is an alarmingly poor prognosis which calls for new, more effective approach to therapy.

AML Patients – TPA a Chance

Phase 1 TPA studies had encouraging results and showed some partial remissions and established short term safety of the administration of TPA. Reportedly, toxicity associated with TPA, predominately dyspnea, fever, chills, venous irritation and hematuria was dose dependent and reversible within 24 hours.
For a deeper insight of the agent’s action, Phase 2 TPA studies are presently being conducted. Contact us today to learn about sign-up conditions and available options!


April 10th, 2018

Rich Pharmaceuticals Explains How Targeted Immunotherapy Aids in the Treatment and Recovery of AML Patients
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March 14th, 2018

Rich Pharmaceuticals’ Study Drug RP-323 (TPA) is a Potential Therapeutic Agent for the Treatment of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
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March 6th, 2018

Rich Pharmaceuticals’ Study Drug RP-323 (TPA) Elevates White Blood Cells (WBCs) Which Play a Vital Role Fighting Infections, and in Immunotherapy
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